The need for health care services has risen over the years. The industry is going through a tough time as health care prices tend to increase every day. Add to that, problems like malpractices and lack of effective management have become an inherent part of this industry.

In recent times, the Health care industry is seeking help from the IT sectors to perk up their business agenda and find solutions to their convoluted tribulations.

RAMPS provide simple and straightforward solutions to their complex problems through effective team management skills, implementation of modern technologies and expertise in relevant industries. Our team possesses extensive knowledge and proficiency necessary for providing quick and timely help to our honored clients.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have been under significant focus due to several world events recently. Governments are now investing more and more budgets in these industries and have a direct impact in the well being of humanity.

Among various business and technology drivers for the healthcare industry, we help our clients to prioritize, plan, and implement specific technology programs. Our focus is on the client’s goal to improve operational efficiencies, reduce risk and cost, and improve customer service.

RAMPS combines a thorough understanding of the healthcare marketplace with a better approach to developing incremental, cost-justified solutions and align them with time-to-market requirements. RAMPS provides technology as well as healthcare industry subject matter expertise in all areas of the industry.

We, at RAMPS, realize that cutting-edge IT Solutions & Services is the answer to address the growing needs in this sector. As a leading global IT consulting and services company, RAMPS is well equipped to meet these demands with a wide array of solutions.

Typically, when a Healthcare Provider delivers its services to an insured, the Provider is dependent on the speed at which his claim is paid for. It needs for an efficient

transaction mechanism between the Insurer and the Provider. Deploying a solution calls for a thorough understanding of the business processes of the Provider and the Insurer.

RAMPS has a strong team of professionals including IT and domain experts exclusively focusing on helping global corporations across these segments with innovative and ever-improving solutions and services.


RAMPS rich banking experience can help tackle the challenge of executing and monitoring thousands of transactions daily that require real-time updating throughout the working day. RAMPS in-depth expertise in legacy systems and Internet technologies can help design, deploy and manage corporate Internet banking services that provide systems that meet essential requirements like online services, electronic delivery of information, interest rate and currency exchange handling.

We have helped banks design, deploy, and manage multi-channel communications mechanisms via Internet, email, mobile phone, PDA, cash point and traditional print – to ensure enhanced customer interaction, faster turnaround times and greater efficiency.

Financial Services

RAMPS works with leaders in the financial services sector to deliver technology solutions that address their key business priorities. We leverage our deep domain knowledge of financial services sector to deliver work ranging from workflow management systems to transactional and reporting systems. We have developed web systems for clients that enable collaboration & networking among field agents, brokers, claims representatives and customer service representatives enabling streamlined operations and maximum customer opportunities.


Through RAMPS expertise gained from working with Global Insurance Majors worldwide, RAMPS can offer an array of services to enable your insurance business realize the competitive advantage it deserves. RAMPS can help insurance clients in the arenas of workflow management, customer relationship management, policy administration, claims processing, agency management and customer illustration systems.


Manufacturers are looking for solutions that eliminate waste and maximize operational efficiency while aligning production processes with core business goals. They need to connect suppliers and customers with their business processes in real time to drive operational efficiency. The industry also needs to develop real-time performance metrics to minimize costs and decrease product time-to-market:

  • Converting quotes to orders, implementing efficient supply chain management and driving customer loyalty are the core challenges.
  • Complex pricing policies need support. Order management systems need integration with resellers’ systems.
  • Higher quality of marketing at lower costs call for portals, B2B market places, and partner relationship management systems.
  • It is of importance for a company, regardless of their size, to have a sales and marketing arm to ensure that there is a healthy relationship between their company and their partners. In specific industries, manufacturing in particular, their finance & accounting, sales and marketing processes require a certain characteristic that would allow them to make sound judgments and they turn to third parties to lessen the pressure on participating key personnel.

    RAMPS brings extensive industry experience by resource optimization and business process management.


The market shift of the past few years and the resultant technology implosion offers many opportunities for well-managed technology companies. Technology firms need to launch new, profitable products and services within budget, on time and ready to sell. Such firms will have to rely on their IT systems to ensure that they are as efficient and resourceful as possible.

  • Industry challenges have thrown up amazing possibilities. Field wide open for new products and services.
  • Higher accountability to shareholders, employees, and customers.
  • Sound processes required to deliver quality products cost-effectively.
  • The best developers and engineers needed to ensure focus on developing, launching and supporting the products.

RAMPS has designed, deployed and managed mission-critical applications and networks that enable highly available and scalable systems for our customers. We have the skills necessary to ensure that the IT systems are designed and managed efficiently, allowing technology firms to focus on developing and delivering new products for their customers. Our professionals have vast expertise in legacy systems and Internet technologies to help meet essential needs like supply chain interaction, customer relationship management and customer optimization.


In an industry of traditionally thin margins where every penny counts, retailers are beset with new competition from non-traditional retailers. Profits depend on increasing revenue as well as cutting costs. Retailers employ network and Internet technology to get to the heart of profitability.

  • Enormous challenges from domestic, international and online competitors
  • Large portions of business moving to the Internet, which requires focus and crisp IT management
  • Retailers need an e-business platform that is open, flexible and quick-to-deploy to seamlessly integrate existing applications
  • Evolving systems need to integrate to produce innovative, consumer-centric business models

    Retail industry is faced with the unique challenge of delivering superior experience to the end user at every point of their shopping. With increasing competition, margin pressures, and informed shoppers, retailers have to find new and innovative ways to retain market share and gain new customers.

    All of these challenges can be significantly reduced by ensuring efficient customer care services to address issues related to product information, pricing, warranty support, and promotions.

    RAMPS can handle the complete lifecycle of customer care so smart retailers can manage their resources efficiently and reduce operational costs.

    Our retail experience includes:

    • Department Stores and General Merchandising
    • Fashion and Apparel
    • Grocery and Drugstores

    Top retailers choose RAMPS for mission-critical design, deployment and implementation of their day-to-day IT business processes in merchandise management, category management, promotions, customer profitability and out-of-stock minimization. Our retail applications help retailers manage customer experiences, interactions and data, thereby creating consistent customer experiences across channels. The systems we develop are based around a core set of intelligent engines including business intelligence, content management, and data management that can be leveraged across all applications and channels.


Communication technology is facing tremendous challenges from various sectors due to inept networking and incompetent management of technological channels. The advancement and convergence of communication technologies, infrastructural operations and shifting of the latest technologies has posed problems for the communication sector in providing efficient services and meeting customer demands.

Our strategic schemes and continuous hard work has helped us in delivering tailor made solutions to our clients belonging to the communication industries. At RAMPS we help our clients increase their efficiency and cope up with the challenges through effective team management and in-depth experience.

The scope of services in the communication arena is:

  • Communication Services
  • Communications Consulting Services
  • Professional & Technical Network Services

Public Sector

Public sectors often face difficulty in exchanging information, dealing with their publics, effective co-ordination and decision-making. The need for improved government services has created a demand for faster and domain-specific solutions in their work process.

RAMPS have been providing reliable and steadfast IT solutions to various problems faced by the Public sector in their regular dealings with stakeholders. We try and ease out the complicacies and resolve issues with our technology based solutions and business insight.

The following solutions and services are available:

  • Mobile Wireless and Field Automation
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Constituent and Employee Interaction Solutions
  • Legacy-to-Web Application Refresh
  • Return on Investment / Efficiency Analysis
  • e-Learning
  • e-Government
  • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

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