Our mission is to enable people and companies to increase their business value through the use of IT technologies. We believe that working and living by our values is conducive to our success. Our mission embraces a policy that celebrates both personal and professional growth to create an enterprise where individual differences are appreciated. We represent an elite community of talented individuals who excel at meeting the technological challenges of everyday business. We promote individual growth and recognize the benefits of helping others grow and develop.

  • Client Focused: Working as a true partner, RAMPS is focused on always doing the right thing for our client.
  • Quality Focused: Strive hard to hire and retain the best of the professionals and prepare them into becoming the next generation leaders in their areas. This will help us build leaders at all levels who will be focused on delivering quality solutions for our clients.
  • Built to Last: Not be a company that is 'here today, gone tomorrow’ but, truly be built to last. Make sure the company is always thinking ahead, looking into the future and preparing itself to emerge as nothing but the best in the ever changing market place.
  • Client Focused Delivery: Single minded focus on doing whatever it takes to deliver value and impact for our clients.
  • Integrity: Strive to do the right thing in all circumstances. Deliver to the commitment we make to our clients, employees and partners. Do what we say we will and when we say we will.
  • Leadership: Leading by example. Be pioneering in challenging and defining the market place and emerging as leaders.
  • Loyalty: Develop long term relationships by being up-front and open with our clients, employees and partners.

RAMPS connects prospective clients with the right candidates.


Our Vision is to be "One Source" for Strategic Staffing, IT consulting and Software Development to help Customers and Employees "Win and Grow".

We want to achieve our goals keeping our core values of Integrity, Quality and Respect for our Customers, Business Partners and our Employees.

RAMPS is a profitable and leading Recruitment and staffing solutions company, improving its processes and launching innovative ideas and solutions to be the most preferred amongst the clients, job seekers and internal Employees.

RAMPS aims to be the best choice of our clients when it comes to high profile talents. Targeting to be a globally recognized company that provides customer centric solutions.

Awards, Accolades, & Certifications